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the best driver and a great human being’

We are a french family of four persons.
We passed 9 entire days with Rio like driver. We discussed a lot before our trip by email to explain what we expected in our trip; no big tourism attractions, no crazy touristic places of the south but the secret places of Bali, the culture, the landscapes, the little beaches…

Before to meet him , we already exchanged with Rio, simply and friendly.
But when we met him and since this first moment, we discovered a great person, an excellent driver , passionate by his job and not only interesting by the tourist money (like lot of drivers on Bali, be careful of that…) but he was really and sincerely interested to share all his culture, all about his island and always with the smile.
Rio was the best driver we can expect : we learned so much with him, he drives safety but always efficient with the best itinerary for us each day and the most pleasant thing : we exchanged about all and we joked a lot with him.
To meet Rio, was finally the best moment of our trip because all along the long road trips each day, we forgot the time passed in the car and we learned so much interesting things about the Balinese culture and the Balinese people.
Thank you so much Rio for all you did for us.
Next customers and guests : Don’t hesitate to ask him and to call him to help you and organize your trip ! No problem with Rio, no bad surprise and if you are in the spirit of the Island , you’ll go back at your home with a new friend : Rio.

And if you have the chance to have Rio like driver, ask him the date of the Balinese Kangaroo day (and why ?)
the french family : Gilles, Virginie, Putu Bonnie and Kadek Greg.

“Tout est bon dans le cochon” Rio , don’t forget ; for your next french family !