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Tanjung-Benoa-Water-Sports-BaliDo you want to try Tanjung Benoa water sports in Bali or want to have it again? We provide watersport Tanjung Benoa activities such as Jet Ski, Parasailing, Seawalker and Flying Fish, of course with online internet price which is cheaper from publish price.

This page specially offers Tanjung Benoa watersport Nusa Dua activities with affordable price without affecting the quality of services to customers. Most people have known the only place to have a complete Bali water sports is Tanjung Benoa beach beside Amuk Bay watersports Bali.

The reasons why Tanjung Benoa beach as water sports center in Bali because the wave on Tanjung Benoa beach is calm and safe for water sports activities. Totally different form Kuta beach that has big wave and suitable for surfing.

Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Bali

Mangrove-Forest-TourTanjung Benoa water sport center located on southeast of the island and very close to Nusa Dua. If you are coming from Ngurah Rai International airport, you will take 20 minutes to get Tanjung Benoa beach.

Water sport Tanjung Benoa activities start from 09:00 – 14:00, after 14:00 noon the seawater at Tanjung Benoa will be low and not suitable for water sports activities. Safety and customers satisfactions are thing that become the main priority of each water sports operator in Bali.

To make sure safety for customers, Tanjung Benoa watersports operator companies trained their staff to qualified and know about safety and emergency standard and procedure. Not only the staff, all the equipments must be approved by international standard of water sports safety. Insurance is must, because all rate that you pay is already include with life insurance and provide by the water sports operator that you choose.

banana-boat-tanjung-benoaWe are water sports agent and provide Bali adventure activities in Tanjung Benoa and the activities that we provide you can see it on below table. To get more detail of each Tanjung Benoa watersports, please click the link and you will be a redirect to the page that you want. If you want to get Tanjung Benoa water sports price with less expensive, than you can choose Bali water sports packages.



One by one and start from the beach and Landing on the beach ,
Duration ± 2 – 3 Minutes and its Dipending on the wind conditions
RATES : 16 USD / person / 1 around




( 2 – 3 person at The same time and Start and Landing from the boat which using Winches Tech , Duration 5 Minutes )
RATES : 35 USD / person / Minimum 2 Person Member









banana_okis one of the spectacular water activities to explore the warm and blue seawater within 15 minutes on each trip. The professional boat captain will ensure you to enjoyable on your adventure with safety equipment and driving. The surprise movement on Banana Boat riding is one of the fantastic moments and gives you unforgettable memory.
Rate : 16 USD/person 15 mnt  Minimal 2 person


3. jet_OkJET SKI( Must With Instructor since 28th Dec 2015 until we Can Confirm the date that the Rule has Change again )
is one of the exciting Bali JetPacks sport activities by driving 700 cc motorize ski to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa, south part of Bali. This sport is well equipped by life jacket and accompanied by the professional Jet Ski Guide to ensure your safety and security adventures.
Rate : 26 USD /person / 15 mnt

4. snor Watersport Nusa DuaSNORKELING
is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel and usually swimfins. Using this equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort.
Rate : 25 USD / person / 1 hours Minimal 2 person

diving Watersport Nusa Dua5. SCUBA DIVING AT NUSA DUA

Get the fantastic and wonderful experience under the blue sea water with colorful coral and fishes from the smallest to the biggest one. The beautiful panorama under the deep blue sea and accompanied by the professional and experienced diving instructor will make your adventure is more enjoyable.

Rate : 55 USD / person / 1 x Dive

donut Watersport Nusa Dua7 DONUT BOAT
is a water sports, where you will sit in a rubber boat in the form of a donut that is pulled by a speed boat. This sports is similar to the banana boat but just the shape is like a donut, donuts boat can be played by 2 to 4 persons in accordance with the request.
Rate : 20 USD / person / 15 mnt Minimal 2 person


There are several options of passenger position when trying flying fish. Such as sitting on horseback or riding a motorbike and sleeping supine. Passengers will be holding on to a rope across the middle of the boat. Then a speedboat will pull the boat. With a high-speed downwind and you will be taken from the beach toward the ocean.
Rate : 25 USD / person / 3 x fly Minimal 2 person

SEAAAdventure tour to the ocean floor has been present in Bali. Marine tourism is very suitable for you who like adventure under the sea and enjoy the life of the fish and beautiful underwater plants. With Bali sea Walker , you do not need to know how to swim or also have a diving certificate and allows everyone to enjoy marine life. Seawalker is a soft dive system, which means you only use our unique Bali Sea walker helmet design without the need for a dive tank. Explore the stunning underwater life of Bali where you can walk at the bottom of the sea and come face to face with Marine life invorement whilst breathing the same as you do on the surface and Totally feel like at the different world.

Rate : 65 USD / person / 1 x dive

See some fish , Feeding fish and Houbour Tour with family  can be done with this boat.
The boat it self has 2 Glasses in the bottom which allow us to Enjoy seeing the Marine life and feeding the fish at the same time. Benoa Hour bour Also very nice are which located around the Laguna of Tanjung Benoa village and its Worth to see with Family.

Price : USD 25 / Person ( Minimum 2 Person )  1 hours